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Fox View Farm
890 Minnie Sewell Rd
Grantville, GA 30220

Fox View Farm is proud to offer hunt horses for hire. 2005 has been a great year for Fox View Farm. The young horses are coming along nicely and last years first season horses are game and ready for the new season.

Due to the number of young horses in this new program most of the lease horses will NOT be going over fences this year. We do have quite a few fixtures that do not have any jumps and these young horses will be able to run first flight at those fixtures.

There are a limited number of horses available, so please make your reservation early. All horses are on a first come basis. We will be adding horses to our lease program throughout the season, so if there was no availability on one day, please check back with us.

Fox View Farm will deliver your horse to the meet site clean, fit and tacked up. Please advise if you wish to use your own saddle. Once you return back to the trailers, you will hand off your horse to a Fox View Farm staff member and head off to the wonderful hunt breakfast. It's that easy!


The price for the current season is $150.00 per local Coweta, Co. hunt. Plus capping fees for non members.

Out of town hunts are also available at additional costs:

  • $150.00 horse Lease
  • Capping Fees for non members
  • .75 per mile trailering expense
  • stabling fees if overnight is needed

Opening hunt fees:

  • same as above plus $35.00 braiding fees

All fees are due prior to mounting and a Fox View Farm release form MUST be signed.

Guests must also sign a hunt club release form as well. These will be available at the trailer from a Fox View Farm representative.

For your convenience, click on the Hunt Name below for a Release Form.
Bear Creek Hunt - adult Bear Creek Hunt - child
Midland Hunt - adult Midland Hunt - child
Fox View Farm - adult Fox View Farm - child

Please feel free to call or e-mail for additional information.

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